Not able to share video on Facebook

  • Is anyone else having trouble sharing a video on Facebook after you've completed a workout? (Not commenting below the video; that seems to work fine.) On the box that pops up at the end of the video, where you take the survey and it says "Enjoyed this workout? Share it with friends on Twitter or Facebook," I keep clicking on Facebook, but nothing happens.

    adt36   by: adt36
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    adt36  almost 3 years ago by: adt36

    Thanks for the quick response!
    Hmmm, I've tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and in each one the Twitter pop-up works (I don't have Twitter, though), but not the Facebook one. Not really sure what else to try... Also, when I hover over the Twitter button, it shows the javascript address/instruction at the bottom of my browser (all 3), but hovering over the Facebook button doesn't reveal anything, so the button at least appears to not do anything...

    • adt36
      adt36 10 months ago

      Yes!! It finally worked. Thank you so much for your help! :)
      (The awards area isn't registering that I shared a video, but it did show up on my Facebook page.)

    • Anthony
      Anthony 10 months ago

      @adt36 Can you try this one more time and let us know if it's working now? We believe we corrected this issue on your account.

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    Anthony  almost 3 years ago by: Anthony

    The Facebook and Twitter sharing option is up and running. We checked to see if there are any issues on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, and they are all working properly. It may be a browser setting or preference you have that's preventing the sharing popup to come up for you. You may want to try with a different browser to see if it works on there for you.

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