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  • I've been on Ignite for a week now. I've stuck to 1200 calories a day, keeping the evil 6 out of what I eat. I have a heart rate monitor, and so I eat back whatever I burn to keep the calorie count at 1200. So, if I eat 1200 calories all day, and burn 340 doing my daily workout, I'll eat roughly 340 calories to get my total back up to 1200. Am I doing this wrong?

    I have 25lbs to lose, after having lost 80lbs already. I hit a plateau and thought this program might get me over the hump. I am just really confused and frustrated.


    Acidique   by: Acidique
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    RTERLAU  about 1 year ago by: RTERLAU

    Difficult to do, but as suggested in previous responses, stop counting calories. The best thing I ever did, years ago, was to stop counting calories and weighing myself. That sounds crazy and many folks would probably shudder at the idea of throwing away the scale. The best part of this, however, was that I became more in tune with my body instead of relying on outside measurements and tools to guide my choices. If you prepare most of your meals at home, use whole food ingredients, cut excess sugars and carbs, eliminate as much processed stuff as possible, you WILL lose weight...sometimes we simply have to push through the plateau, but its a "mind" thing, not a "math" thing. Every time you get on that scale and feel frustrated, you further feel helpless, defeated and incapable. But thats just the nasty voice inside your head - time to shut her down. Look at how far you've've lost 80 lbs and that IS incredible. Whenever I feel disappointed in my results, in anything in life, I have a saying I repeat to myself..."stay the course". You're doing all of the right things, you'll get there. Stay the course...

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    MyloWilliamson  over 1 year ago by: MyloWilliamson

    Part of ignite is that you don't count calories, but instead just listening to hunger and using portion control. Because of the nutrient dense foods your body will use them better and you hunger and satiety signals will work properly so you do not over eat if you just listen to your body. Not only that but 1200 calories is too low! I had a lot of problems letting go of calorie counting, but I did and I've been doing ignite for 6 weeks (I haven't cheated once) and I have lost 12 pounds!

    • MyloWilliamson
      MyloWilliamson 10 months ago

      Thanks! I'm so glad I could help! Good luck!

    • Acidique
      Acidique 10 months ago

      I agree. I am going to try and up my calories to 1400-1500 and see if that makes a difference in the weight loss. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. Thank you! Congrats on losing 12lbs! That's half of my goal, which is amazing!

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    shaeon  about 1 year ago by: shaeon

    Acidique - I'm not on Ignite but I do Weight Watchers and use Daily Burn for my exercise. I can tell you from tons of Weight Watchers meetings - under eating will PREVENT you from losing weight. I think the science of it is that your body goes into emergency mode and attempts to store as much as possible when you under eat. Don't hold me to that, but at any rate I can tell you that when someone in a meeting says they just can't lose despite how hard they are working, more often than not they are under-eating. Weight Watchers actually REQUIRES members to always eat their daily allowance and not go under it. If you do go under, they do not guarantee results.
    People need a different amount of calories daily depending on their size and activity level. I don't know your gender based on the information available, but I'm guessing you are female just because us ladies get drilled into us that the secret to losing weight is 1200 calories a day. It's just not true. If you find that you need to count something in order to control what you eat, try to find a program that will give you a daily allowance based on your height, weight, and activity level. That will provide you with a truer sense of how much you need to eat, and it will probably re-activate your weight loss.

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    TheodoraDailyBurn  over 1 year ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    1200 calories is fairly low - can you try focusing on the quality of the food, not the quantity of the food?

    • Acidique
      Acidique 10 months ago

      So, I'm not sure what you mean exactly. I do eat very healthy. Many vegetables, proteins, very few carbs and sugars. Healthy fats. Are you suggesting I eat more? I am really wanting to figure out what is happening here, I just want to make sure I understand? Thanks.

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    GinaNilce  over 1 year ago by: GinaNilce

    Did you just start working out as well or just start the nutrition part? When you start a new exercise program it "shocks" your muscles and you retain water for the first week or two that is helping your muscles repair. It could also be that you need a metabolic reset, if you've already been restricting for a while. 1200 is low, and if you've been maintaining that for a while your body will get used to it. Try to follow the plan and eat to fill you up without tracking calories for a week or two so your body can readjust (you may gain a little as your body figures it out) I've lost 60lbs so far (counting and working out) and have had to do a reset twice because my metabolism was so out of wack to begin with. Hope that helps.

    • cmgaudet
      cmgaudet 10 months ago

      When do you stop retaining water and start actually losing weight? I've been working out every day for more than two weeks and I've gained 3 pounds. My measurements are the same. Kinda discouraging, except I can feel the difference in my muscle tone and I feel super energized! I'd love to see a corresponding drop on the scale!

    • Acidique
      Acidique 10 months ago

      Well, I wrote a long reply...but apparently I used a bad word and didn't realize? Not sure if it was deleted...

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