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  • Okay, before going into detail, I would like to apologize if I offend anyone. I have two children. I gained a bit of weight from the pregnancies and I also got quite a few stretch marks, as well. I have been working out for a while, even before finding Daily Burn, but I'm not seeing much change in my lower abdominals. Could this be a skin issue as opposed to actual fat? Please tell me I can fix this.

    kirken   by: kirken
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    JenChey  about 1 year ago by: JenChey

    You said you having been working out for long is 'awhile'?
    I too have children and my tummy was the hardest part to see any results. I did notice a big difference but only after I stepped up my ab routine and worked out rigorously. Even though I did tone up and lose some weight, my abs still looked like I have had children. I still to this day have loose skin so there might not be much you can do about that.

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    Galia  about 1 year ago by: Galia

    I think that if you concentrate on weight training your core and around your middle you should absolutely see some results. Not all training is equivalent. For example running a lot may not help at all lose you any fat around the stomach area although it will certainly help your heart. etc. Try kettlebells or other weight training. (ps I've had one kid and am here for similar reasons, doing DBK and am losing fat around the tummy area so far... ! )

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    rosiekick  about 1 year ago by: rosiekick

    How long have you been working out? Another thing you have to look at how much calories you are taking in!! And are you being consistant with your workouts!! And as far as your lower abs you must look and feel your abs if its hard but skin is loose its probable an elasticy problem!! And there is only way to get it tighten through surgery which is a tummy tuck!! hope that helps. I am a personal trainer trying to help you out!!

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