Ok so im getting frustrated. Gained 4 pounds since I started dieting and exercising. Is that possible? I don't understand.

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    SpinSpin  over 1 year ago by: SpinSpin

    Hi! How long have you been working out? If you are doing weight lifting, it could be from your muscles swelling, although 4 pounds is a lot! Is it close to AF? Could be water retention (temporary) from increasing your water. Are you watching the amount of sodium your are eating? I know when I first start working out, and if I am working out hard, I will gain a bit before I start loosing. Also, don't cut your calories way way back, below 1200-1400. If you go too low, your body will hold on to every calorie and will go into starvation mode, which defeats your purpose.

    I am sure others will be around with ideas/solutions!

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    jessithemom  over 1 year ago by: jessithemom

    There could be lots of reasons you're gaining before losing. If you were not very active before you could have a muscle base to build up and muscle is heavier than that fat stuff you're trying to get rid of. From personal experience I can tell you that keeping a food log is very important at the beginning. Because you're using your body more it craves more food and I found that I was snacking more, adding more calories than I needed to compensate. I've since learned to drink a glass of water when I first feel hungry instead of going for a snack. Sometimes I'm not hungry at all, just thirsty.

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    CharlieW77  over 1 year ago by: CharlieW77

    If you're basing your daily caloric allowance on what DailyBurn tells you, be sure you check your activity level is accurate. When I first started tracking on DailyBurn at the beginning of this month I choose "mildly active" as my activity level, thinking I should take into account my workouts. My weight loss immediately slowed and I leveled off as of last week. I took a look again and saw that the activity level should be based on my day WITHOUT taking my workouts into consideration, so I was initially eating more calories than I should have been.

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    michaelk  over 1 year ago by: michaelk

    I am having a similar thing going on. I am just going to keep on track and see how things go going forward. Good luck. I am sure others will have better suggestions. You are not alone!

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