Okay so I'm on day three..I thought what I was having in my morning shake was unsweetened almond milk come to find out its sweetened..ugh!

  • 16g per cup..thats 12 oz every morning in my shake..besides that I've been by the book. My question is should I start over?? :( I've been doing true beginner everyday and training for a race with C25K.. 30 mins. a day.

    sarahmeyer78   by: sarahmeyer78
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    sarahmeyer78  6 months ago by: sarahmeyer78

    and i restarted..

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    lisahi  6 months ago by: lisahi

    At least you were only 3 days in!

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    JuneRhythm1985  6 months ago by: JuneRhythm1985

    I use Silk Almond Milk original unsweetened. I use it for everything. In my shakes, when I'm cooking, etc. plus it's only 30 calories per serving. Sorry you had to restart but it'll probably be better in the long run. :)

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