Online "my Calendar" editing possible?

  • Does anybody know a way to edit the "my Calendar"? Once a workout is chosen it presents a calendar, but I didn't start the 1st day and may skip a day or two in the beginning and would like the "my Calendar" to reflect MY calendar. Haven't found a way to shift or move the workouts in the online calendar.

    Charles1967   by: Charles1967
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    Charles1967  over 1 year ago by: Charles1967

    That is what I thought. You can only do a "Restart..." but nothing else. No calendar to trace your workout schedule if you shift even one day off the program, it just keeps moving on ITS calendar [no real "MY Calendar"]. Not a very customizable site and I see no way of recording workout stats online or even recording when you DO a workout. Oh well, give it a run for a few weeks and move on if I can't stop whining about it. Always got the old P90X DVDs laying around. :) [Isn't everybody wondering why a company like Beach Body hasn't figures out how to stream P90x yet? Sheesh! Losing customers selling "bad/glitchy" DVDs!]

    • Charles1967
      Charles1967 10 months ago

      I ended up getting into this wierd OCD loop. Basically, if I miss a few days, I just hit "restart". Getting in great shape, but have never seen TBT3, so my "goal" now is to see TBT3, which I'll only allow if I keep to the schedule "every" day. LOL. Oh, and I don't allow myself to do different TBTs without 'revovery' days. Man, that YOGA is critical and makes me recover SO much faster. It's an odd challenge, but one day I'll finish the full 28 days and be so darn proud. :)

    • TracieM44
      TracieM44 10 months ago

      This is what I was trying to figure out. I need my easy day to be Sunday and not Saturday. I guess I will just do the schedule as is starting on Monday and manually change it on the weekend? Idk. I need to flip flop Saturday and Sunday manually I guess if I can

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