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  • I'm wanting to start right away with the Ignite phase so I was wondering if there is any other protein shakes that are recommended that I could pick up at local shops like Complete Nutrition. I live in Spokane, WA. Or maybe there is something I can do besides the shakes. Straight almond milk in the morning perhaps?

    IvyAlyse   by: IvyAlyse
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    Swtpeony  6 months ago by: Swtpeony

    Hi, My favorite protein shakes are from Mercola.com. I've been using his pure power protein shake as meal replacement / work-out recovery for over a year now. I often add Premiere Research Labs Greens to it, with a 1/2 banana and blueberries. Delicious and really good quality whey protein. Hope that is helpful.

    • snowwwolf
      snowwwolf 6 months ago

      those are good, I've tryed them befor but ignite can't use whey and nutrition wise banana's are good for kids and if your skinny and are trying to put on alot of muscle but can be really detromental if your trying to lose weight. that have allot of good stuff in them too and are great if your allredy ripped to keep your energy up but if your trying to take off the lbs it's better to avoid them as they really counteract the effects of your workouts

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    dwatson12  6 months ago by: dwatson12

    I use the Herbalife shakes because they are all-natural and I feel great when I am taking them. My wife and I have never been happier with a protein shake. I would recommend trying something that has a really simplistic form of protein if you are just starting out with protein shakes. I would steer clear of Complete Nutrition, I used to work there and honestly I've seen - in my own life and in customers' lives - a lot of complications with their products. Sometimes I would feel like my heart was beating way too fast after I had one of their post workout shakes. They also trigger a lot of banned substance tests so if you take a drug test for a job, military, or athletic competition it would cause you to fail. Overall, it is just important to put really good nutritious things into your body! You could try almond milk with a basic protein powder and then you could add fruits or greens to get extra vitamins! Best of luck to you!

    • snowwwolf
      snowwwolf 6 months ago

      I aggree on the CN shakes. some people like the kick but when starting a new diet like ignite it's not the best time to be starting metobolic inhancers. if you are new to a way of eating it can be hard enough keeping your energy up at first balancing your energy without something setting your heart into hyperdrive. it has been known to cause cardio complications in new users.

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    dnab82  6 months ago by: dnab82

    Vega makes a protein shake that follows the Ignite program. No soy, dairy and gluten free. It is sold at Whole Foods so you can pick it up right away. The only thing I see wrong with it is that it is 5 grams of protein short of what they want you to have.

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    Skolp0827  6 months ago by: Skolp0827

    Garden of Life makes a vegan protein shake with 20g of protien per serving and comes in different flavors... and it's Non-GMO!! :-) I get mine from my local health food store.

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    JuneRhythm1985  6 months ago by: JuneRhythm1985

    I ordered the PlantFusion Protein Vanilla Bean from Amazon. It had really great reviews and it was only $30 for 2lbs so it was a great deal! I doubled checked and it met all the requirements for Ignite and I think it has slightly more protein than the dailyburn brand too. I think this brand is available in stores but I'm not sure where. You might have to look at their website. So until it gets here I'm doing other things for breakfast. This morning I made crustless quiche cups (2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites whisked with 1/2 cup original unsweetened almond milk with mushrooms, onion, broccoli, and zucchini mixed in), popped them in the oven at 375 for 25 minutes and I was good to go. It made 10 in my muffin pan so I have more for tomorrow too. I don't think I'll be able to do a shake everyday for breakfast so having other options is good. Pinterest is your friend when it comes to recipes. Good luck! :)

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    snowwwolf  6 months ago by: snowwwolf

    the ignite fuel is really the best in my opinion. others are good for other diets but ignite is really diffrent as it isn't about tracking intake as much as avoiding common foods that are evreywhere that can cause problums in most people. alcohal is the easy one to avoid even though i miss it a little lol. hard ones are glutin and dairy. 90% of the proten shakes out there have these. allmost all the shakes youll run into will have WHEY. thats dairy so it undermines the ignite kick start. the thing is in a smaller % of the population things like this don't do any harm but alot of people are alergic to dairy and gluten and dont even know it. its so slight that they don't have reactions but internaly its usualy the cause for a slowed metabolism. I myself know I have a small dairy alergy. one glass is fine but 2 and i end up in the bathroom for a while. what i didn't know till ignite was that gluten was slowing me down too. 3 days off it and my gut feels better than years and i instantly tripled my energy. you can find others and I've tryed to but they all taste like junk. I use chocolate fule with 8-12 oz (serving is 8 but i use 12 to thin it out a little) of silk vanilla almond milk in a bottle and shake it for about 30 sec let it sit thin shake for another 30 sec and it's awsome. i live out of hotels so I don't have a blender. you can use others but read close and youll need to dig alot to find one with no whey (dairy) and no gluten. it's hard finding one like that too with less than 20g of sugars. fuel has 4g and silk has 16g so it's right on the dot what you should be getting to start the day. I just recomend using fuel.
    remember ignite is not about meal replacement, cutting consumption or counting anything. it's about avoiding alcohal, gluten, dairy, added sugar, fake sugar and soy. mornings are ingrained into us as being dairy gluten and added sugar so it's just easyr to replace it with fuel. try finding morning food anywhere that isn't on the list above that allso won't get your blood presure up if you eat it evrey day =b I wish I could help you more but to me its like asking how can i get watter aside from drinking water, you can fine other ways but fuel is just so good and at the same time so clean it's really the best and there shipping is fast so waiting a day or 2 is worth it. i've been serching for weeks and i cant find anything that does the same thing and tastes anywhere near as good

    • miasemmler
      miasemmler 6 months ago

      I've used Herbalife Nutrition shakes for a long time and like them, but I add my own whey protein to it.

    • snowwwolf
      snowwwolf 6 months ago

      whey is the only issue with ignite. first 3 weeks you can't have it at all then after that it comes out of your 10 weekly points, and honestle i dun wana use my points on that kinda shake. =b mine are all goin to adult drinks and bread =D

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    Acidique  5 months ago by: Acidique

    I use PlantFusion. It's a pea/artichoke plant based protein supplement with stevia as a sweetener. I love it. I found it at my local Natural Grocers. Comes in Vanilla Bean and Chocolate here, but there may be more online.

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