PC, iPhone, Android, what?

  • Quiet on the boards lately!

    I'm curious, how do most of you access DB? PC, iPhone, Android phone or ????

    Do you do them at home or elsewhere?

    I generally put my Android phone in an arm band on my lower arm so I can see it and use earphones, but lately taking some small portable (iHome) speakers to the gym with me and leaning the phone up against them. Wondering how geeky I'll look taking my laptop in to watch the vids on a bigger screen :) Fortunately the gym is on a mine site and not heavily populated, not like a city gym or anything.

    YankDownUnder   by: YankDownUnder
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    moore3883  over 2 years ago by: moore3883

    I tend to use my iPad for the workouts, for nutrition / community / and rankings I do all of that from my office computer

    • YankDownUnder
      YankDownUnder over 2 years ago

      An iPad or other tablet is probably the best way to go for away from home.... Portable but big enough to see.

    • phormalitize
      phormalitize almost 2 years ago

      Love using my ipad for these workouts!

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    codemonkey2841  over 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    I use a PC I have set up as a media center in my living room to do the videos after work. I use my work computer to read and answer questions during the day.

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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    that sounds awesome. Are the portable speakers working better than the arm band and headphone combo so far?

    • Anthony
      Anthony over 2 years ago

      hmm...what version of the app are you running?

    • YankDownUnder
      YankDownUnder over 2 years ago

      1.0.5 Android on Samsung Galaxy S2

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    nacs0803  over 2 years ago by: nacs0803

    I usually just do DailyBurn in my bedroom. My Desktop PC is pretty much set up in a good place and I have enough room to complete most of the exercises. I also use the Desktop in the living room on occasion or my android phone when I'm on the road.

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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    I use my laptop for the workouts most of the time. To just log in and browse around a bit I usually use either my laptop or my iPad. And I use my iPhone whenever I need a bit of extra motivation to eat healthy while I'm not home.

  • 2 votes
    eryn22  over 2 years ago by: eryn22

    I use my PC and my android phone

  • 2 votes
    Bosslaydee  over 2 years ago by: Bosslaydee

    iPad :) i used to use my iPhone. Even though it's so small it was all I had. Now I use the iPad.

  • 2 votes
    mad4beinhere  about 2 years ago by: mad4beinhere

    I also use a PC I have set up as a media center in my living room and I use my Samsung Flatscreen 50" to view the workouts and any other extra online workouts and DVD's that I do.

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    terpgomer  over 1 year ago by: terpgomer

    I use a MacBook Pro with airplay mirroring to my TV through an Apple TV at home.

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