Please, give me an alternative to Fuel for breakfast for the Ignite program?

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    barkingdogfarm  6 months ago by: barkingdogfarm

    I totally agree. My plan since the focus is on protein is to eat eggs,salmon, or another lean protein with veg for breakfast. I assume as long as its not one of the 'evil 6' its ok?

    • simosilva
      simosilva 6 months ago

      Great ideas, yes, I tried a smoothie of almond milk and banana this morning but I think this does not bring enough protein and the almond milk was terribly too sweet. Will try eggs tomorrow with ham. Have a great day!

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    Courtney416  6 months ago by: Courtney416

    I'm eating soup for breakfast. I haven't figured the protein grams, but at least it's real food.

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    AMixon379  5 months ago by: AMixon379

    I bought a protein powder alternative that ended up tasting like crap. Yuck! So I found a cereal that is made with only two ingredients. It's free of the evil 6 and I used the unsweetened almond milk.

    • Dleger
      Dleger 4 months ago

      And what is the name of this cereal?

    • AMixon379
      AMixon379 4 months ago

      Erewhon cereal. My local store only carries the corn flakes.

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