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  • Ok, so I am going through the process of preparing to start Ignite... I have gone through the recipes and have found many I think I will like... but my question is this: are there target goals for macro nutrients (protein, carbs, fat) for each day? So if I have x meal for lunch, should I have a certain meal for dinner to make sure I don't have two meals in one day with too much carbs and not enough protein?

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    TamaraDailyBurn  about 1 year ago by: TamaraDailyBurn

    So glad you're about to start! There aren't any specific goals in terms of macro nutrients. As an example, here’s what a typical eating schedule looks like during your 21-day Ignite cycle.

    breakfast (within 1 hour of waking): DailyBurn fuel Shake
    Lunch: huge Salad with lots of greens veggies, chicken breast, olive oil
    snack: Small handful of almonds and 1 small apple
    Dinner (2-3 hours before bed): Salmon, broccoli, quinoa

    Notice how there are no measurements next to the food. Remember, this isn’t calorie counting. Don’t over eat - just eat slow and eat until you feel satisfied. Your body knows what it’s doing, especially when you get rid of the “Evil 6”.

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      brandiep1982 10 months ago

      Thank you. I actually read that pretty much word for word in the guide after I had already posted this question.

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