Really think there is something wrong with the calorie counter...?

  • I saw this mentioned in like two other posts, but it was kind of brushed off with something about how the algorithm works and changing your profile settings.
    I really think something is up with the calorie counter during workouts...the number of calories burned suddenly skyrocketed for me from the number that it said for those workouts about a month ago. 425 calories burned for a True Beginner workout for a 117 pound person? No way. And, the number while the workout was nearing the end was much different from the number after it stopped.

    Anyway, that's pretty much it. Since other people mentioned it I just wanted to say that I am also having the same issue. (My profile settings are correct as well.)

    KeraModel   by: KeraModel
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    jnoire  about 1 year ago by: jnoire

    I think its broken. I am over 200 and in the true beginner program it said 583 calories burned. Then when it asked me to rate my workout it said I had burned 31 calories. Something is wrong.

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    Depepsi  about 1 year ago by: Depepsi

    I have been having the same problem. I weigh 108, 5 feet tall and 64 years old. 439 calories is what it tells me I do for Stability and Mobility 2 when using a heart rate monitor. The website tells me 217 calories, and the Polar FT4 monitor and watch receiver records around 86 calories burned (that's with me holding a pair of 3 pound weights, using a 15 pound kettlebell when possible and kicking and punching immediately - not waiting for Justin.) Their accuracy is obscenely INACCURATE.

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    natombomb  about 1 year ago by: natombomb

    Did anyone hear back from support on this? Today I burned 35 calories after my KIT workout. Just wondering if anyone had an update or ETA on a fix.

    • Homika
      Homika 10 months ago

      Did your workout video interrupt in any way? I noticed that if video stops or restarts the calorie count starts over. Not that this explains the issue, just one more way to test it out.

    • KeraModel
      KeraModel 10 months ago

      I have not.

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    otaviogalileu  12 months ago by: otaviogalileu

    I noticed this too! Usually after the workout is done the calorie count will be different form the one shown during the workout! And I got a Heart Rate Monitor this week and it shows waaay more calories burned even. Today it said I had lost about 357 calories after only about 17minutes of Kicking it (I weigh 195lbs), which on-screen it was 200 calories.

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    Betsyspace  11 months ago by: Betsyspace

    I agree. This issue needs to be addressed. There's no way 39 calories burned for a 30 min kickboxing workout is accurate.

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    AltGirlTX  about 1 year ago by: AltGirlTX

    I've also noticed in the past week or so that my calories burned near the end of the workout (about 10-15 seconds before the end, when you're done working) has been different than the calories burned that shows on the Rate Your Workout screen. It's been this way on every single workout, too - not just certain ones.

    • brabacious
      brabacious 10 months ago

      Yeah... having this problem too. I just signed up and both my workouts so far had large discrepancies.

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