Regarding breakfast and working out. What is recommended, to eat before or after working out?

  • Just wondering what is best to do. For the past 6 months since I started getting fit, I have been eating breakfast after working out. I would also have a protein shake right after working out and then have my breakfast. Just looking for advice on this matter.

    JoseP   by: JoseP
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    thrivefit  about 3 years ago by: thrivefit

    I recommend something light and carb rich before a workout for energy and then protein and carbs after. Keep fat low for both meals and avoid things that are going to feel heavy in your stomach while working out. Have a great workout!

    • thrivefit
      thrivefit 10 months ago

      You're welcome!

    • JoseP
      JoseP 10 months ago

      HI Thrivefit,

      Thanks for the advice. I started doing that a couple of days ago and so far working for me. Thanks! :)

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