Should I change workout programs every month?

  • I am trying to loose weight and gain muscle by using muscles I don't use often at work.

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    natombomb  10 months ago by: natombomb

    I think the programs do a great job of diversifying the workouts. I've done cardio sculpt and have seen a major change in my physique - significant muscle gain. Its designed for weight loss too.

    I've been using dailyburn for 4 months. My recommendation is to use a program through fruition. They seem to have devised a strategy in how they introduce each workout throughout the program.

    Good luck!

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    DollFin511  10 months ago by: DollFin511

    Some of them are a month long, so I'd say yeah, switch them as often as you work through the program. If you are doing Intelliburn, it pretty much does that for you, though.

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