Should I eat before or after a workout?

  • I'm not one to do a 'shake'; I prefer food.

    nalenerm   by: nalenerm
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    LunaDawn  over 1 year ago by: LunaDawn

    I would, but lightly. I do because I need that "energy" to keep me going. I would experiment though. There are some foods I can't really eat before a workout because they make feel nauseous, like apples, but I'm fine if I have a bagel or toast.

    You don't want to eat a lot before hand because you might feel "heavy" or even get the "crash" tired from eating too much. It wouldn't hurt to take along say a fiber bar or a healthy snack to munch if your doing long period workouts or to have after a workout.

    Which is suppose to be another workout dealie... have something with protein in it after a workout to help the muscles rebuild.

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