Should I keep up with exercising or let my foot heal for the 2.3 weeks they are saying it should take.

  • I am on my 6th day of True Beginner *did the Strength and Cardio this morning* I have never followed through with an exercise program that is why I suppose I am 283.3lbs @ 43 years old(have lost 10lbs since Jan 1st ). I LOVE daily burn and want to keep

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    Congrats on getting through 6 days so far - it sounds like you're really committed to making a positive change. I too broke my foot a number of years back and was really frustrated by everything I couldn't do, so I hear where you're coming from, but Plea

    • RWinzer
      RWinzer about 16 hours ago

      you could use a hand peddle bike if you belong to a gym or do upper body work, but i agree with the other person that too much use of the foot in a cast will just cause longer term problems. Stretching and some of the things to can do seated (arm circles, punches, etc) can still get your heartbeat up but let your foot heal.

    • mrproton88
      mrproton88 about 16 hours ago

      Thank you so much!!!! I think that is what I needed to hear **yes, not want I wanted to, but needed to** :)

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