Should I start Ignite now, knowing that I will not complete the 21 days, and then just start over or wait until I KNOW I will be successful?

  • In 2 weeks I am headed on an annual beach trip with my husband and our friends. While I will try not to over-do it with crazy high calorie foods, I know for a fact that I will be drinking and having foods off the "no no" list. It's not the sort of trip where I want to pack all my own foods and write my name on everything. We share food and share cooking duties. And this is the one week per year that I allow myself more than one or two drinks. I can start the Ignite program now, but I will only make it to day 14ish before my trip. I'm okay with starting over when I get back, but would I be making myself really miserable? Should I just wait until after I am back when I know I can be successful for the full 21 days?

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    hobbithead  11 months ago by: hobbithead

    You could always try it for the 14 days knowing that you'll break the 21 day rule. At least then you'll know that you can do it for 14 days and it will be easier when you restart the ignite program. Maybe you could even try out the next phase, Balance, which is where you use a point system whenever you have something that is part of the 'evil 6'?

    That's what I did and it has worked out for me. I think it's easier because you get the chance to try out some Ignite recipes and shakes and find out what will work for you.

    • ABScarlett
      ABScarlett 10 months ago

      That's a good way to look at it. I would not be discouraged at not finishing the whole 21 days, so I am not setting myself up for failure long-term. Now I just need to find the vegan protein powder! Thanks!

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