Should I work out with the videos more than once a day?

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    daisygrl2009  10 months ago by: daisygrl2009

    If you are doing a higher intensity workout I'd say no unless you follow it up with one of the shorter easy yoga videos. Especially if you're just starting to get in shape doing too much too fast will end in injury.

    • harleyquinn93
      harleyquinn93 10 months ago

      I'm doing True Beginner, I know that sounds kind of lame but I've started doing the 15 minute mobility warm up and then do the work out for the day.

    • GratefulJam
      GratefulJam 10 months ago

      I would think if you have enough energy left after one of the TBT workouts (~35-40 min) then you aren't pushing yourself hard enough in those workouts. I get through one of those and I can hardly move afterwards...sometimes I even lay in the floor for a couple minutes because my legs are so "jellylike" that I can't even stand up.

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