Should I workout the next day or rest if I am too sore to even sit or stand properly?

  • I just recently started True Beginner and the first 2 days were great, I did not feel sore the next day, but workout number 3 happened and oh my gosh I felt sore right after the workout, and clearly the morning after is painful. It hurts to sit and stand and walk. I am new at this work out thing, so I am not sure if I should do workout 4 or just rest.

    lmdiaz3   by: lmdiaz3
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    kkbreal  over 1 year ago by: kkbreal

    Do the 15 minute mobility, it will help you to feel better.

    • RWinzer
      RWinzer 10 months ago

      Cody's recovery video will work great to stretch out sore muscles. the recovery / with the rollers or tennis ball may be too intensive if you are that sore. but the yoga / stretching will help.

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    colonelclick  over 1 year ago by: colonelclick

    Same thing happened to me. I find that doing a workout again the next day helps relieve the soreness for me.

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