shoulder irritation during extended planks

  • hey guys. Im experiencing some shoulder discomfort - not wrist - during longer plank series - especially when it involves compound exercises (ie, hydraulic lower body planks). What am I doing incorrectly? What's the most likely? No mirror handy.

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    natombomb  about 1 year ago by: natombomb

    Discomfort could be the result of incorrect form or simply muscles that are less strong than others. Hydraulic Lower Body requires a lot of single-leg planks. I find it difficult to maintain good form with these. Its been a real area of focus for me. Do you have shoulder discomfort when performing regular planks?

    Letting the neck get out of alignment with the spine, shrugging the shoulders during the plank, or pivoting too far back in the plank could be enough to get you out of form and experience discomfort.

    Good luck!

    • morrilin
      morrilin 10 months ago

      Thank you. I wasn't sure what to try to correct - you gave me solid leads. Plus pointing out that it's the single-leg planks ... I don't get irritation in regular planks. So double-thanks.

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