Does the amount of sleep play that much difference in your daily workout?

  • With work and the kids, sometimes sleep is something that I don't much of. I do make an effort to get more sleep the night before a big workout but most of the time I am getting about 5 hours a night. I would rather have five hours of deep sleep then eight restless

    How much sleep are you getting ?

    sgarc90   by: sgarc90
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    maggieleigh  over 2 years ago by: maggieleigh

    I probably get about 6-7, but it's not always "good" sleep. Sometimes I'll take 3mg of melatonin before bed which I find helps.
    I definitely notice my amount/quality of sleep affecting my day. When I haven't slept well I'm more likely to snack during the day and have a poor workout. If I wake up rested I'll feel better about my day and have a better one. What's keeping you awake? Can you use time on the weekends to get things organized for the week to help cut down on the daily to-do's?

    • Jewlzm
      Jewlzm over 2 years ago

      I agree with the melatonin.

    • sgarc90
      sgarc90 over 2 years ago

      Was not until I actually read it out loud but you are so right. I do snack more when I am tired. As for keeps me up late, take your pick. I own and operate a cattle ranch, finishing up my Masters in Computer Science, four boys, and a full time job. But hey I am not complaining I am as busy as I want to be.
      But more to the point I agree with you I do snack more when i am tired.

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    kevinbates  over 2 years ago by: kevinbates

    Sleep is super important, so do your best to optimize your sleeping conditions. Completely dark, quiet, etc.

    Taking a little melatonin works great, but a really good sleep aid is something like Natural Calm. It's a fizzy magnesium drink mix that'll relax you and help you get a better quality of sleep.

    Another (although unpopular) sleep aid is to go caffeine-free. Try not to get caught in that vicious cycle of stimulants and relaxants (ie: caffeine, booze).

    Remember, you can't diet or exercise your way out of poor sleep. Sleep well, and you'll see your workout performance go way up.

    Goodnight! :)


    • theycallmeknel
      theycallmeknel about 2 years ago

      I completely agree with the idea of a dark room. Before the daily burn challenge, I was already sleeping in a totally dark room. I can't have a television or my laptop open in my room or else it will keep me up at night thinking "oh! I should check this!" or "omg, the shamwow guy is on? Just five minutes..." It's something that I know that I can't manage, so I just don't. Plus, I swapped out my obnoxious LED alarm clock for my cell phone; it's less clutter and the screen stays dark at night.

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    Jewlzm  over 2 years ago by: Jewlzm

    I am getting atleast 7 hours a night. I find that if I dont get my 7 hours my heart just isnt in my workouts. I feel fatigued all day and the amount of reps and weight suffer and the amount of time I "feel" like doing cardio.

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    natalie  over 2 years ago by: natalie

    Call me crazy, but my body NEEDS 10 hours of sleep. That being said, I don't always get it and usually catch up on the weekends. Except in times of extreme lack of sleep, I've never noticed a few hours missed affecting my workout. In fact, I used to workout first thing in the morning on 6-7 hours sleep and had some of my best workouts. I find that warming up is most important for performance first thing upon waking up.

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    sabrinaclasper  over 2 years ago by: sabrinaclasper

    I get 7 hours and up. If it is any less my workouts SUCK! Or at least my form does.

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    buckry  over 2 years ago by: buckry

    My sleep is all over the place, sometimes 8 hours, sometimes 6, and sometimes work can be a drudge to get through because of this, but by the end of the day I'm usually feeling fine and my evening workout goes great. The harder I work out the earlier I go to bed too, so that usually gives me a full 8 hour night as well which is a nice bonus for the next day.

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    sbrobin  over 2 years ago by: sbrobin

    I usually get about 6.5, which I think really negatively affects my workouts the next day and my gains from the previous workouts (since you build muscle during rest). Lately I have become a big convert to the theory that sleep is extremely important to getting results, and you need a minimum of 7 hours a night. If you're only able to get 5, you might want to at least try to add an extra hour. Something else you may want to try is to use a web site like to ensure that you wake up at the end of a REM cycle (which occurs every 90-110 minutes and don't feel so groggy.

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    sgarc90  over 2 years ago by: sgarc90

    last two days I have been getting seven hours of sleep. Its only been two days but I have had some really nice morning workouts.

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