Slow Cooker Nutrition?

  • I'm a busy student and professional, and usually only have time to cook once or twice a week. I tend to make a meal for the whole week each Sunday. Are there suggestions for how to keep proper nutrition while using a slow cooker?

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    You can bake sweet potatoes (just wrap in foil like you would in the oven). You can also roast squash (like Acorn squash). It's great for roasting lean cuts of chicken and pork. For a healthy roast, you can add in carrots and onions with spices like tumeric and cumin. You can also cook beans and lentils. Veggies are okay too, but they can get a bit mushy. You can get more creative, and cook things you might normally cook in the oven, like stuffed bell peppers. Soups and stews are nice in the winter, and can cook all day. The other thing about is you can add things like apples, carrots, onions, celery in bigger chunks to add flavor during cooking, and then pull them out before serving.

    The "Fix it and Forget it" series has lots of recipes and variety, although a lot of them would have to be adapted to be called healthy.

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