Soy in Pam Cokking Spray

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    I was looking to see if my Pam had alcohol, which it doesn't, but was surprised to see Soy! Is this soy the same as would be found in my supplements and thus not count as one of the evil six? Or can I not use this product during Ignite? Thanks!

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    jamjackvee  4 months ago by: jamjackvee

    Again, looks like I am answering my own question. Pam has trace amounts of Soy Lectithin. Having said that it is OKAY to use it. Ignite wants no tofu, soybeans, or soy protein powder. The type soy product in Pam is an emulsifier and it is in such a small trace amount it can't interfere with ignite. Having said all that. It would be better to buy a mister device and put one of the healthy oils in it instead and coat your nonstick cookware with that prior to cooking.

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