Starting to get a little discouraged...

  • I started daily burn 3 weeks ago and love the trainers, workouts, and simplicity of it all, but I am feeling discouraged about the results. I can't seem to lose weight if I starved myself to death (which I'm not doing, btw). I am desperate for some answers that will help me get on the road to weightloss! DB says (according to my rank) that ppl are noticing a new me, but there's nothing new to notice! HELP!!!

    Jacks07   by: Jacks07
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    misssandy  about 3 years ago by: misssandy

    if you want to track your food carefully check out the other dailyburn site. I find it really helpful. I also agree with what the others have posted: don't starve yourself (above 1200 calories each day), make sure you are balancing carbs, fat and protein, do not eliminate any group, give your body time to recover because that's when muscles grow, and stop staring at the scale, measure yourself or get your body fat measured because remember muscle weighs more than fat! Good luck!

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