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  • Is there a list of suggested equipment for the programs the require equipment?

    mcrow   by: mcrow
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    jaxschommer  about 2 years ago by: jaxschommer

    Most of the stuff I've done requires a yoga mat, a set of lighter and heavier weights (I have 5 lbs. and 2 lbs.), and a yoga ball. Others I've seen need a medicine ball, a stepper or kettlebells. I've seen something about a pullup challenge, and I'm guessing that requires a pullup bar or something, but I'm not entirely sure. My mat was $15, my weights were on sale for about $14 for a pair, and my ball was a packaged thing that was about $20, all at Target. I needed them stat, but I'm sure they can be found cheaper.

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    jacquio1204  about 2 years ago by: jacquio1204

    I am doing the Yoga program. Under the About Section, there is a box where the suggested equipment is listed. This is found on the right side of the page. I believe this is true for the other programs as well.

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    zetajen  about 2 years ago by: zetajen

    when you first pick a program, you are given a suggested equipment list immediately on the next page that shows. the hard way would be to pick each video in the program and look at the equipment needed for that video.

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    anjag  about 2 years ago by: anjag

    There is always a suggested equipment notice on the workout when you select it. From dumbbells, to kettlebells, mats, stability balls, medicine balls, and a box/step these cover most of the dailyburn programs! you can get everything at any sports store.

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