Suggested work outs with Hip Flexor Strain

  • I strained my hip flexor but don't want to "Not Work Out" I know the importance of recovery. I am looking for suggestions on safe Upper body work outs to continue while I nurse the hip flexor

    GaryK   by: GaryK
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    MasonBendewald  almost 3 years ago by: MasonBendewald

    Recovery and Mobility Yoga! Is this the Gary of extraordinary results Gary? Can't wait for you before and after to be posted for the world to see that you did it with DailyBurn - really amazing. Anyway you know to take it easy - Recovery and Mobility Yoga is the ticket for you right now.

    • GaryK
      GaryK 10 months ago

      Yes and thank you. :-) I took it easy right after it happened. Yesterday I did a Keira: Upper Body and also Yoga (I must have known you were going to suggest that) I Felt so much better today. Actually did a Tabata in the AM (Took it easy on the lunges - had no problems with the sit through, I listened to my body) Stretches, Yoga and rest were just the ticket. RECOVERY & MOBILITY ROCK!

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    jecmiami  almost 3 years ago by: jecmiami

    I want to comment that I had a lower back strain a few weeks back and I used Cody's mobility yoga and recovery yoga almost every day. I sincerely will tell you it helped beyond words. Cody's awesome and by far my favorite trainer on this site (for the record I'm not a friend of his or a paid by him for these remarks they're genuine LOL)

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