Suggestions for cardio with foot injury?

  • What kind of cardio exercises can you do when you have a foot injury? I have incurred injuries to my feet while being in the army and am told that dieting without cardio, will do very little. I have tried to run and even walk, but am finding that my muscle in my calf and my feet really hurt alot. So what can I do to maximize cardio so as to drop some weight around the midsection?

    I kind of wish they had some step aerobics or aerobic videos.

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    arnthorla  about 3 years ago by: arnthorla

    Some suggestions from the top of my head:
    Swimming, rowing(machine), kettlebell swings, rollerblading, cycling (if your legs tolerate it), "nordic-skiing" machine (forgot what its called), and if things go really far south you can always take up wheelchair racing. ;)

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    buckry  about 3 years ago by: buckry

    I disagree that dieting without cardio will drop weight. I am probably in the same boat as you, I'm pretty fit but as I age my spare tire just keeps coming on stronger and stronger every year. There have been lots of times over the last few years where I've done nothing but count calories and I've been able to lose consistent weight. It comes off slowly, but if you do it right you can lose weight this way.

    Of course doing the cardio is going to increase your results 10 times, but if you can't do it, it's still worth it to count calories for the (hopefully) short healing period until you're back to 100%. I guess the alternative is to do nothing and just eat whatever you want and gain weight, and that's obviously counter productive.

    I've also picked up a tip from these videos which is building strength increases your metabolism, so if you can't find a good way to get your heart rate up, just lift weights. Increasing your metabolism will mean you're burning a bit more calories all day every day.

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