switchin to DB15

  • Starting my first DB15 workout tomorrow morning. Has anyone else tried the program? Thoughts? Did you see results after 15 days?

    nithya22   by: nithya22
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    Longhorn0915  over 1 year ago by: Longhorn0915

    I have never tried that one, but I think it's called DB15 because all of the workouts are around 15 minutes.

    • juju
      juju over 1 year ago

      Well you're at day 5 now, how do you like it? I started in January but had to stop because I got the flu. Restarted and I'm now on day 13 of 15 and I love it as much as I hate it. I love the fact that I'm working out in a different way every day so I'm not getting bored. I can feel that I'm getting stronger too because I can do more of the exersizes than I could when I started. I hate it because it makes me painfully aware of how out of shape I really am. Good luck,

    • minloes
      minloes over 1 year ago

      I like them if I want to add another 15 min to another video that's short, like a 30 min one. Sometimes, I will do two DB15s for my daily workout. Whatever I'm in the mood for! :)

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