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  • Will we be able to choose the various programs on a day-to-day basis going forward? I'm really love Inteliburn, but could see some fo the other programs being useful at different points of the year. Doesn't really affect me right now, but I'd be interested to know. Thanks!

    bohdel   by: bohdel
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    Anthony  over 1 year ago by: Anthony

    Yep! You can either switch track by clicking on the 'Programs' button at the top of screen or if you want to stay in the current track you are doing and just do a random workout, you can use the Discover feature to select any one of our workouts to switch things up a little.

    • namundson
      namundson over 1 year ago

      I'm on Intelliburn but might like to try the TBT program. If I switch, will I lose all my points?

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