The fat content in some of the recipes seems really really high.

  • I have gall bladder issues and I have to be very careful of my fat intake and I'm a little wary of some of the ignite recipes. Any reason for the extremely high fat content? Some of the salad and dinner recipes have more than 40 grams of fat and that just seems unhealthy. What is the explanation for that?

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    Hey Aubrey,

    Great question. The Ignite program is not a strict lowcarb diet, but it is lower in carbs than the standard American diet. The reason for this is that most people overeat carbs, which leaves them feeling bloated, sluggish, and constantly hungry. This results in weight gain over time. Cutting down on refined carbs and replacing the foods that contain them with healthy fats, protein, and high fiber veggies almost always results in weigh loss.

    Although the USDA tells us that 65 grams of fat per day should be the limit for someone who is eating 2,000 calories, the USDA is also the organization that tells us that wheat and whole grains should make up the largest portion of our food intake. That is totally wrong! Many people can eat more than 65 grams of fat per day and be perfectly slim and healthy. Dietary fat keeps us feeling full and satisfied. We need to eat dietary fat to keep our brain functioning normally too.

    The type of fat that people consume matters more than the amount. Healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, and avocados are great addition to a daily diet, while fried foods, industrial seed oils, and hydrogenated oils are dangerous for us to consume.

    DailyBurn has a few great articles that explain these topics more in depth:

    For people like you who have gallbladder issues, your doctor may direct you to eat a diet lower in fat because you cannot digest fat as well as some of us can. In that case, stick to high fiber carbs and protein like meat and veggie dishes. Many of the Ignite recipes, especially the salads, can be converted to a lowfat meal by omitting the healthy oils, nut butters, coconut milk and avocados. Instead of olive oil based dressings on salads for example, many people find that a spritz of lemon juice will provide enough flavor to enhance the veggies.

    Healthy fats are ok to eat for most people. Due to your condition however, make sure to follow the daily fat limit that your doctor has assigned specifically to you. Hope this helps!

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