The nutrition portion of Daily Burn isn't working properly.

  • I selected "vegetarian" as one of my options, but I keep having meat suggested to me. You also don't have an option for vegans, so I constantly have eggs suggested to me, as well. Do you have plans to make the nutrition portion of this site more customizable?

    antidiva   by: antidiva
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    Yellow  over 1 year ago by: Yellow

    I'd also like the answer here--I just joined and have eggs and yogurt all over the place (I selected dairy free and vegetarian). Dairy free cheese is recommended over and over, but I don't even eat that. I came to this site because I heard it was good for vegans. Guess I'll just stick with my nutrition and see how the workouts are!

    • antidiva
      antidiva over 1 year ago

      That's what I've been doing to, following my own nutrition plan and just using Daily Burn for the workout portion, which I think is pretty great. Although, honestly, even if I did eat meat and dairy, I don't think the nutrition portion of their site is good at all. It's only got a small number of recipes, the suggested entrees don't have links saying how to make them, and they don't tell you portion sizes.

      I'm curious, where did you hear that this site was good for vegans?

    • Yellow
      Yellow over 1 year ago

      Now I can't find the link! If/when I run across it again, I promise to post it on here! It was on a vegan blog and he said this was a good place for tracking. I know I eat healthy enough, I just like to have someone else do my planning and nutrient balancing, especially since the nearest dietician that deals with vegans is an hour drive from my area. But I'll see if I love the workouts, for this price it's not bad if it's only workouts. Just sad to hear/see the food portion since that's 90% of our health IMO!

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    tott1122  over 1 year ago by: tott1122

    I just joined and I am a vegan too. It looks like this is going to have the same problem all the other similar sites - they don't understand vegan. Also, I don't eat soy, and they always want to suggest tofu. 98% of all soy is GMO, so I won't be eating that. I was hoping I would get some support here for my vegan diet, but it looks like that isn't going to happen.

    • Yellow
      Yellow over 1 year ago

      Yes, there are huge misconceptions about what vegans eat. Look at Dr. Fuhrman's website for some great recipes too! You know, I can't even find GMO tofu in my area? It's all non-GMO! But we don't eat it a ton, rather stick to veggies and beans. I just ignored the nutrition on this site but did enjoy most of the workouts! I've cancelled as well but may pick up a month or so every so often just because some of the workouts were fun and effective.

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