The quick guide doc it says not to eat eggs every day but gives no reason. Can someone explain why the doc says we shouldn't?

  • The document literally just says "Don't do it" with no reasoning or explanation. But in the next paragraph the doc goes on to pitch DailyBurn Fuel. Without any info to back up the previous statement that we shouldn't eat eggs everyday it appears the only reason we're told not to is to sell DailyBurn Fuel, not for any nutritional or health reasons. So I would like to know if there is any nutritional or health reasons not to eat eggs everyday?

    lodusblossom   by: lodusblossom
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    LizRd  7 months ago by: LizRd

    I'm not an official member of the Daily Burn staff, but I would imagine that the reasoning behind the "don't eat eggs every day" statement has to do with the old cholesterol quandary. Eggs--particularly the yolks--do contain a decent amount of cholesterol, after all. We're not talking deep-fried Twinkie territory, but enough to be nutritionally significant.

    From what little I've personally read on the subject, there seems to be some debate among doctors and nutritional specialists as to how often a person can eat eggs and still benefit from their high protein content without over-doing it on the cholesterol. Many seem to recommend that people either not eat eggs every day or eat a maximum of only one egg per day. Others, of course, advocate eliminating eggs and all other animal products from your diet completely in favor of plant-based proteins, such as soy or lentils, which tend to be lower in cholesterol.

    My personal advice is to remember moderation when considering your diet. Too much of anything--yes, even leafy greens, in extreme cases--can have negative effects on your health. Eating eggs by themselves or as ingredients in a meal a few times during the week is not likely to do you any harm, but you probably shouldn't just eat two or three a day. Just like you probably shouldn't eat steak for dinner every night or have waffles for breakfast everyday.

    • ccodwell
      ccodwell 6 months ago

      Many people have food sensitivity to eggs and most eggs are from hens that eat soy based feed. Unless the egg is from a pasture raised hen and the carton specifically says "no soy"

    • gttrdn
      gttrdn 6 months ago

      Thanks , the soy aspect for reduction of eggs
      makes sense. I think DB should state this info in their literature. It's alot easier to cut a mainstay out if there is a sound reason. Soy is so insidious!

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    Brenola  5 months ago by: Brenola

    It's definitely the cholesterol. I ate eggs every morning for a while and my cholesterol went through the roof and caused me problems. I'm in my early 20's and an athlete (so someone who should have a good/normal cholesterol level).

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