YOga makes me feel nausous...I do TBT and inferno just fine..why does yoga make me feel sick 10 min into it?

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    j4peace  12 months ago by: j4peace

    I've been practicing Yoga for years. Many twisting yoga poses release toxins built up in the organs which could be causing you to feel ill during practice. However, it could be to inadequate breathing as well. Just remember inhale and exhale through the nose and coordinate movements with the breath. If you continue to feel ill just return to a comfortable seated position and breathe. Hope it gets better for you1

    • marhgobb
      marhgobb 12 months ago

      i don't feel intensely ill...I usually just do it in increments. A fast paced workout, I usually just slow down, but yoga is slow already....but that sounds like a good breathing is not that great, because I am not limber.

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    Maryjane828  12 months ago by: Maryjane828

    Are you eating or drinking a bunch right before you do it?

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