Tips for continuously losing weight during college?

  • I'm in my junior year of college and since I can remember I have always been overweight while my siblings have always been lean, mean, fighting machines. I want to lose 50 lbs by the summer, but during the semester (especially near the end) I get stressed out do to exams, projects and then eventually finals. Does anyone have tips so that I don't falter when break ends and school begins? I've been doing well so far and I want to look at myself this summer and for once be comfortable in my body. I'm part of Weight Watchers so I'm hoping that will help, but when I get tired because of school and work I worry that I won't find the energy to workout.

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    emilyshirley  6 months ago by: emilyshirley

    As a recent college graduate, I found that I was most successful when I did the following:
    1) Got off the University meal plan asap (I was too tempted to stress eat at the dinning room buffet! After a long day with studying a head, it was really difficult to choose the salad bar over the pizza bar!)
    2) Pre-pack lunch and snacks. In the mornings, I prepared what I wanted to eat throughout the day based on how long I'd be away from my apartment. I bought some reusable containers and a hip lunch bag that made preparing my meals more fun.
    3) I stopped carrying money on me. This was important, because if I had my bank card or an excess of cash on me, I was way to tempted to have mid-day snack spurges at easy-access fast food (or snack machines!!) instead of eating my healthy packed options. If I didn't have money handy, buying those foods wasn't an option and I didn't have to worry about the mental dilemma of "well... maybe I can have a treat now... and be healthy later..."
    4) To keep on a workout schedule, I started going to a couple workout classes a week (particularly Zumba and an Abs class) and I treated them like my academic classes - I told myself that missing them was inexcusable. Most of the time, I did them in-between my morning and afternoon class and freshened up (and showered most days) in the locker rooms. Also- these classes are so much fun with friends so you can do extra socializing!

    I also bought a cheap blank calendar that I write my goals in - I put it on the center of my fridge. This includes weekly weigh-in goals and a "reward" (that doesn't involve food) if I am successful at the end of the month!

    For motivation, at the end of each day I write "success!" (days I ate my packed lunch and attended my workout class) or "try again" (for days I gave in and was not healthy). Also, I make a point to not be ashamed or give up if I have a few "try again" days in a row. It's nice to look back at the month and count all of the successful days!

    Hope this helps! :)

    And good for you with starting weight watchers! Stick with it and be persistent and one day you'll wake up and realize that you have achieved your goals!

    • danahs23
      danahs23 6 months ago

      Thank you so much for this! Unfortunately, it is the rules of my school that I must be on a meal plan whether I am a commuter or resident. But I decreased my meals so that I will have to spend more time making my own food and less time eating in the cafeteria. This was so helpful and I am going to consistently workout. I've already incorporated daily burn into my academic schedule which should be a big help.

    • emilyshirley
      emilyshirley 6 months ago

      You're going to have a rocking Junior year!!

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    diyadiva  6 months ago by: diyadiva

    So I am also a college student, and because I also am required to have a meal plan, and I live on campus. I don't have that much control over what I eat. So I have decided to eliminate certain venues out of my diet. So try stop getting convenience foods like pizza, burgers, and fries, and try going to the salad bar, and instead of half assed tossed salad. try something new everyday whether it's a new vegetable in your salad or what. If you make eating fun, it actually becomes more fun and you are more conscious of what you are eating. If you want try adding more fruit into your salad. something besides dried cranberries. Try having spinach leaf salad instead of iceberg, add banana's , oranges, even grapes to your salad. Not all at once, but every day try something new. Try eating more beans as well, and if you are going to eat bread try gluten free or whole wheat. Always check the sugar content though. Those are just things that I have started doing, and are working. If you eat meat, instead of getting a burger, have the meat and some spinach leaves with no dressing add sides. More substantial foods, and less empty calories.

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    begregoi  6 months ago by: begregoi

    Concentrate on what you eat, follow the balance part of the daily burn eating plan and you will see results.

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