Tips for plyometrics/jumping in an old apartment building?

  • My building is old enough that you can't walk across the floor without making a ton of noise, and I'm worried that my workouts might disturb my neighbors. Does anyone else deal with this, or have any advice?

    Weatherwax   by: Weatherwax
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    KeraModel  about 1 year ago by: KeraModel

    Maybe talk to your neighbors? That can be pretty scary sometimes, but let them know you have some workout videos and you live above them and you wanted to make sure it wouldn't disturb them. Ask if there is a certain time of day when it would be best to do the workouts, maybe while they are at work or something? That is what I would do.

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    missdarcy123  about 1 year ago by: missdarcy123

    If your floors are that loud, you should get a rug to absorb some of the noise. You can also use a mat when you work out to reduce the noise level.

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