To be honest my biggest hurdle starting the 21 day ignite will be NO alchohol! Anyone had this struggle?

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    natombomb  9 months ago by: natombomb

    I like my wine so I feel your pain! This was tough for me. It is totally worth it though for the 21 days. Eliminating and re-integrating the evil 6 (through the balance stage) was very eye-opening in regards to how each of the 'evils' affects my body. If you have a good amount of weight to lose, kicking the booze is going to jump-start your weight-loss progress. If you are hovering around your goal weight, you'll find that kicking all evil 6 will really help fine-tune your physique. For me, its about stomach bloat and I know which items (including wine) and my tolerance for each to keep feeling the best about my body.

    Good luck!

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    lisamarie19  9 months ago by: lisamarie19

    i didn't want to give up alcohol either....but for 21 days you can do it!! It's 3 weeks....only 3 is over before you know it. I had to change my routine - no happy hours with co-workers, friday nights I went for a walk or bike ride or the movies. tell your friends what you are doing, they should support you and maybe they would do it with you!!

    • obsidianbbw
      obsidianbbw 9 months ago

      I gave my self a cheat day where I have one I nurse a beer for a while...good luck

    • Cassmes
      Cassmes 9 months ago

      I rather do an extra workout or run for 30 minutes than give up my weekend wine!!

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