Today is only my second day and I'm loving it, but when can I expect to start seeing results?

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    phormalitize  over 1 year ago by: phormalitize

    It depends on so many things! For me, I noticed more definition in my arms after about 2 weeks, more toned legs after 4 weeks, and that I was losing weight around my middle after about 6 weeks. It'll really depend on how you eat, what kind of workouts you do, and your general metabolism. Good luck!

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    CharlieW77  over 1 year ago by: CharlieW77

    Depending on your diet and all sorts of other factors (gender, age, current weight, etc.) you could start seeing results on the scale after a week. Assuming you're looking to lose weight and burn fat there are so many other ways to measure results. Take a picture of yourself from the front and side and compare it to a month from now. You might see a difference! Aside from that, take your measurements (chest, waist, belly, etc) and do it again in a month and if you're consistent with your diet and exercise, you may see a difference. We just took my wife's measurements today after a month of her working out and trying to get rid of all her baby weight, and already she's lost at least a 1/2 inch in all areas and as much as 1.5 inches! Not only that, but you may see your clothes fit differently. Since I've begun working out consistently and eating better over the past couple of months, my pants are looser and I can tighten my belt four notches tighter than when I started! So there are a myriad ways to see results.

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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    I like this saying and its pretty true "It takes 4 weeks for you to see change, 8 weeks for your family and friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to see. Keep going!!" If you are eating clean while working out you will start to lose weight within the first week! But real substantial change you will start to see around that one month mark! Remember that it is a lifestyle kinda thing,.. so be patient but know that all that hard work will pay off! Take before and after pics.. also makes it more fun!

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