Tracking Completed Videos

  • Hello, hello!

    Is there a way to track the videos I've completed? Or is there a log so I can view completed videos?

    Fruitsforme   by: Fruitsforme
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    sahmnlove  about 1 year ago by: sahmnlove

    I am wondering this too. I would like to be able to see the workouts/videos that I have done over the past week or so....and cannot figure out how to do that...

    • MarieEliz
      MarieEliz about 1 year ago

      I bought the tracker app hoping this feature would then appear, but no. It's crazy that the completed workouts aren't logged in order to track progress and help us stay motivated.

    • marhgobb
      marhgobb about 1 year ago

      I just go to daily burn....get how many calories I burned..then go back to tracker and create my own exercise...I copy and paste the name......then I put how many calories it said I burned...

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    michaelk  about 1 year ago by: michaelk

    I am new, but it seems to just be crossing them off after the day passed. I do not know if it will cross them off if I do not do them because I want to do them, hehe!

    Beyond that, I would love to here some some experienced people on what is going on with that...

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    klk46  about 1 year ago by: klk46

    The technology is obviously here, they need to tie everything together. For this reason, I will try a different streaming workout program after my free trial.

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    antlomb  about 1 year ago by: antlomb

    The tracker does not talk with the new daily burn ... that's a shame !

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