Truvia and Stevia

  • Are these considered okay during Ignite or no sugar type sweeteners at all?

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    jamjackvee  7 months ago by: jamjackvee

    So, it looks like I have to answer my own question. The answer is NO to Truvia and YES to Stevia. Turns out Truvia is a knock-off fake version of Stevia made with 99.99% Erytherol which is bad. It basically is an alcohol sugar which is accosiated with inflammation and poor digestion and potentially weight gain or difficulty in losing weight. The only reason Truvia can even be compared to Stevia is the presence of something called Rabidon which is a molecular subunit of Stevia; and who knows what "natural favors" are. So, I ate a teaspoon of Truvia in a cup of tea last night before I researched it because I saw a post saying both were okay but it just didn't seem right as it was SO sweet so I checked it out myself. Bummer. I am not restarting ignite though because. I am in day 6 and I don't feel any different this morning and it was 1 teaspoon. I am however buying Stevia today for any sweetener I might need from now on.

    • RWinzer
      RWinzer 7 months ago

      I've been researching this myself as I use the real plant leaves in my drinks and teas - but in the winter it's hard to get it to grow as fast. I've read that Trader Joes does have a natural stevia or you can buy dried leaves online and grind them. Most others also have Dextrose in them.

    • jamjackvee
      jamjackvee 7 months ago

      Thanks. I wonder if Whole Foods would sell the plants or dried leaves? That's a great idea growing the plant. I was thinking of planting some sugar cane and making my own liquid extract. Thanks! J

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