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  • You don't ship outside the uk. What alternatives exists on the UK market for both shakes and supplements ? The list of things you need and don't need to look for in alternatives is helpful but it seems like a lot of groundwork for something you already probably have the answer for.

    Many thanks


    chrisdanish   by: chrisdanish
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    sail  over 1 year ago by: sail

    I think Vega Sport would be a good alternative. It's gluten, dairy, soy, sugar & substitute free. It's sweetened with stevia and made from pea and rice protein like Fuel. I really like the flavors too. Their website only lists that they ship to US and Canada, but I think they have other distributors in the UK. Good luck!

    • sail
      sail over 1 year ago

      Rainbow Light also makes a rice based protein powder that I think is free of the Evil 6. I'm pretty sure you could get that in the UK.

    • chrisdanish
      chrisdanish over 1 year ago

      Thanks for your help Sail, your a star.
      I think the Rainbow light powder is a little short on the protein, so will try the Vegasport until Fuel becomes available. . However, Rainbow do have a multivitamin which i think covers most bases.

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    chrisdanish  over 1 year ago by: chrisdanish

    Sorry, should ready you don't post outside the US.

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