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  • Hi all,

    Now I'm following daily burn (mainly Cody so far), I wanted to share my daily diet/food intake and get some feedback.

    My main aim is to lose the last 7lbs of weight/fat and reduce my body fat percentage.

    Pre-workout: protein drink


    Immediately after workout - small handful of soya bean nuts

    Breakfast - either porridge with 4 almonds, sunflower/pumpkin seeds or 3 eggs (1 yolk, 3 egg whites) scrambled egg and lentils/spinach


    Mid-morning - green tea and protein drink

    Lunch - something like tuna salad with olive oil dressing or ham/rocket sandwich, green tea, apple

    Mid-afternoon - banana, green tea

    Dinner - ranges from chicken, pasta, stir-fry

    Evening, green tea and just before bed, protein drink

    Views - too much, too little, totally wrong?



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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    Seems OK to me! I would eat a bit more during lunch and I would skip the protein drink before bed, though.

    • buildblog
      buildblog about 2 years ago

      Thanks for the advice...I shall try that.


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    tragicallyjuliet  almost 2 years ago by: tragicallyjuliet

    how has this been working for you? looking at it, it doesn't seem horrible though the " protein drink" could be questionable depending on calorie and sugar content. have you tried logging your food to see where you stand on the balance of crabs to protein cause i would also be concerned about over doing protein based on this. just curious if you stuck to this and it has worked out.

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    singeranna  almost 2 years ago by: singeranna


    It looks good depending on your goals but I'd probably have the more carby meal at lunch (pasta, rice, potatoes) to get full use of the carbs and eat lighter and leaner on the evening. I'd also swap the evening protein drink for a few nuts (five or so) to have the fat just before sleep (it helps your glycemic levels to even out during the night which helps you sleep better).

    Good luck!

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