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  • I just started ignite and I'm trying to find a weekly meal plan, is there one I can print out? I know it gives daily suggestions, but it's hard to plan in advance if you don't know what the meal plan is until the day you are supposed to eat it. I'm too new at this is go it alone.

    juju   by: juju
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    KateHough  about 2 years ago by: KateHough

    Hey Juju - our entire community is here to help you. You are not alone :).

    The meal plan is super easy. You can eat anything that does not contain dairy, over 5g of added sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, soy, and gluten. Ignite is designed for flexibility. If you stick to meals that are primarily meat and veggies with some non-gluten containing starches like potatoes or rice, you can't go wrong. I fill up on meat, veggies, eggs, nuts, gluten-free pasta, and low sugar fruit. I don't really plan meals - I just buy foods that fit into these categories.

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    evammentorp  about 2 years ago by: evammentorp

    What I usually do is go to the recipes section of the Nutrition section, and make my own weekly plan from there. At least that is what I am doing for the first week of Ignite. After shopping a couple times, I feel like I am becoming better at finding other things to make not on the recipes list.

    • Trynity
      Trynity 10 months ago

      I've decided to do something similar. I'm not much of a cook and have a hard time sticking to a diet. I think it will help me to stay on task if I have my meals planned out for the next week or so.

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