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  • Hi, I've gathered from a few other's posts on here that (a) DB is supposed to ask your weight before you start your workout so it can estimate your calorie burn, and (b) you can be given a meal plan of a certain # of calories. I just did my first workout and it didn't ask me my weight and didn't give me any calorie-burn estimate, and I can't find where on the nutrition site it is giving me a calorie-tailored meal plan (just a general meal suggestion plan for the day with no portions or anything listed). What am I missing?

    audrey427   by: audrey427
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    tragicallyjuliet  over 1 year ago by: tragicallyjuliet

    If you want to use the daily burn calorie counter you can find it here https://tracker.dailyburn.com/v

    and if you follow the meal plan laid out here you can keep track of it there. there are also better trackers out there. my favorite is http://caloriecount.about.com/
    but myfitnesspal is also good. both have apps for your phone which you can scan bar codes of your food to log it and things like that.

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    slshaw23  over 1 year ago by: slshaw23

    When I go under nutrition all I get is meal suggestions as well.

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    laura_saldivar10  over 1 year ago by: laura_saldivar10

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