What advice would you give someone who is looking at becoming a personal trainer?

  • I've lost 12 lbs with DB in 60 days, but this year I'm down 33lbs, and total from my heaviest recorded weight almost 50lbs. There was point in which something clicked in me, and my corporate desk job is now missing something for me... activity. I am looking to see what people have to say about becoming or being a trainer and what others wish they got from their trainers (along with doing research) before I total upend my current career.

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    Hi, I am not a personal trainer but I have looked into it for a while. Make sure you research the organization you get certified through. Are you looking to work at a gym or start your own business? I would start doing it on the side to your current career before you give up your current position. Make sure you like it and are good at it. Good luck!

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