What are good alternatives for lunges and squats?

  • I was recently told by my Sports Medicine doctor that Squats and Lunges are big NO-NO's for my knees. Can anyone recommend good alternatives to do instead?

    barkleysmom   by: barkleysmom
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    scvb13  12 months ago by: scvb13

    I'm not supposed to be doing them either due to back problems, if you have a gym membership the leg press machine is a safer option.

    • barkleysmom
      barkleysmom 12 months ago

      Yes that is an option but I am looking for another activity I can substitute during my dailyburn workouts instead of doing the squats and lunges included.

    • slz203
      slz203 12 months ago

      I have this problem as well. Sometimes I just do the lunges/squats, but not as deep and not as many. Or I just do something else entirely while they are doing lunges. It sucks though.

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    donm  7 months ago by: donm

    Hard to say without knowing what your specific knee issues are, but I'm in the process of rehabilitating one of mine. I do the lunges and squats slowly with hand support. I also don't go as far down.

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