what are some things you can do during your workout to keep the energy flowing? I find myself tiring out easily and want to stop.

  • I need advice to keep moving and not wanting to stop when I get tired.

    lovelyra   by: lovelyra
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    Bathsheba  over 1 year ago by: Bathsheba

    It may be that you need to have a little snack before your workout. I sometimes have a handful of nuts and an apple or a glass of chocolate milk...something with a little carb and protein. I find if I don't hydrate and have just a little fuel in my system, I will get tired. You could even get some of those little Cliff electrolyte cubes or gels. I think it is also just fine to anticipate giving yourself a few breaks along the way. When I did the TBT one workout had 20 rounds and I would give myself the option of taking a little pause if I just got through 3, then 4, then 5, etc. You can build yourself up slowly that way without quitting. Good Luck!

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    DailyBurnRob  over 1 year ago by: DailyBurnRob

    How will you feel about yourself, if you stop? Think about that. Think about it as pride, or shame - you will feel pride that you kept going or shame that stopped and realize that it's YOU making yourself feel that way. It's your decision to make. If you've truly decided to make a change in your life then own it and realize that your decisions have lead you to where you are. The "you" in the present can give the "you" in the future a gift, that awesome, sweet feeling of pride. Or the "you" in the present can continue to hurt the "you" in the future. We are all an accumulation of our choices. I think about the thinner me and realize that it's time to make a change, and I picture myself in the future happy, proud, and healthier thanks to what "me" in the past did. That's how I keep my energy flowing.

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      jorn over 1 year ago

      This, right here ^^^^

      If you give it your best, each and every day, your best becomes better than yesterday.

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    JayneT7  over 1 year ago by: JayneT7

    To be honest your body could be telling you to stop for a reason. There's a big difference between being sluggish due to upping your training regime/being out of shape and being totally knackered because in addition to starting a training regime you could also be working hard in your job, perhaps haven't slept well, maybe aren't fully hydrated and have also changed your diet. Before you yell, 'More!' at your body it's worth considering the reasons why. You aren't hunting for excuses, but looking for ways to ease the obstacles so you can reach your goals.

    We are conditioned that pain is gain and to push through, but there are often better rewards in taking it slowly, listening to your body and rewarding yourself for what you can do, rather than focusing on what you can't do (or at least can't do yet). Stu Mittleman is famed for running across America. He started running late in life and in his book 'Slow Burn' he says, "The more gradual the change the more likely it will last. Comfort is the key to sustainable growth."

    If you are just sluggish, but inspired, then the fatigue will disappear a few workouts in. The key word there is 'inspired'. The mind has to be a willing participant and if it's not train it as you would your body until it is. Talk to yourself in the present tense and word it in the positive. "I am doing well." "Everyday I am getting closer to my goals." "I see myself as I want to be." "I am recognise and appreciate my progress." "I can do this. I am doing this! I can keep going!!!" If you say 'I don't want to stop' all your body will hear is 'I want to stop!!!!'

    So to sum up, talk positively and proudly to yourself, take breaks as you need them, hydrate and breathe. If this doesn't work the consider other reasons that you might be tired as your workout is part of your life and your performance gets affected by all elements of it, good and bad.

    Hope that helps :)

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