What are the best healthier places to eat out?

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    KateHough  over 2 years ago by: KateHough

    It depends on where you live. Some of my go-tos that are national chains include:

    Chipotle (get a burrito bowl without the tortilla)
    P.F. Changs (get lettuce wraps or salads)
    Panera Bread (get a soup and salad - skip the bread)
    Noodles and Company (get rice noodles, chicken and veggies)
    Cosi (get a soup and salad and skip the bread)

    Also, types of restaurants that are likely to have healthy choices include:

    Japanese (skip the tempura)
    Mexican (skip the tortillas)
    Cafes (get a lighter soup and salad)

    It's all about the choices you make. There are very few restaurants that offer zero healthy choices, but you have to know how to navigate the menu. Stick to a protein source and veggies when you can. Also - skip the sugary drinks, and don't order soda - ever!

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