What are the best workouts for those with back problems?

  • I'm new to daily burn and a musician/teacher by day. Playing violin puts a lot of stress on my lower back and I've always had trouble with exercising on machines like the elliptical or doing planks because of the stress it puts on my back. What are some of the best videos that do not put strain on your lower back? Do you usually stretch before and/or after videos?

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    Neptune8265  10 months ago by: Neptune8265

    I had back surgery 8 years ago. I never attempted to strengthen my core afterwards. I only allowed the weight gain to become more and more of a problem. I started with True Beginner. You really really work up to a lot of the more difficult moves. I have completed it twice and I am moving forward with a stronger and happier back and core. So, True Beginner is my suggestion.

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    DollFin511  10 months ago by: DollFin511

    Yeah, I recommend True Beginner, too.

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