What are the odds of starting a new full joint mobility program that includes cardio and strength?

  • What are the odds of a new full joint mobility program? I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (even though I am now approaching 30), and I find most of the workouts to be too high impact on my knees, hips, and shoulders. I need cardio, stretching, balance, and strengthening, not just stretching and balance. I have a difficult time with the cardio videos especially. It's not that I can't keep up so much as it causes physical pain. I love the joint mobility videos with Cody, though. I noticed someone else posted a similar question several months ago and was basically told the programs weren't designed for him/her. My doctor, as with most rheumatologists, recommends exercise. This is the same problem I run into with Zumba and P90X. Also, I notice the yoga program, for the most part, does not include a lot of modifications.

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    Great questions! Of course, you know your own limits. Many people have been saying in the comments that Tactical Bodyweight Training has actually helps relieve pain in their joints. Cody Storey's workouts are specifically designed to be healthy for the joints. If you do have pain, you can always slow down or skip a few of the exercises.

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      Thank you so much. I seem to be doing well for the most part with the Cardio Sculpt program. I make my own modifications when necessary. I will try Tactical Bodyweight Training next.

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