What are you all using as a sugar substitute?

  • I don't use sugar much, but I do use sugar substitutes like Splenda and agave nectar...Any suggestions on what I can use instead?

    Anglove   by: Anglove
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    Candice1211  3 months ago by: Candice1211

    Xylitol is the absolute best. Its naturally derived and is actually great for your teeth (commonly found in toothpaste to sweeten it!) love the irony there haha! It can be found in a brown version as well and cooks perfectly. Xylosweet and Ideal are the preferred brands. I buy mine on Amazon.

    • Anglove
      Anglove 3 months ago

      Awesome! Thank you! Off to Amazon I go!

    • AKCarly
      AKCarly 3 months ago

      But be careful - it is toxic to dogs, and I think cats - don't quote me on that...

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    willywalter  3 months ago by: willywalter

    I use Stevia as a natural sugar substitute. I use Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia. It works good for me but some people I've asked say Stevia has a weird after-taste. I haven't tried Xylitol, might have to give that a look.

    • Anglove
      Anglove 3 months ago

      Thank you ! I'm going to try them both!

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