What are your biggest nutrition pet peeves?

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    Lilyanne  over 1 year ago by: Lilyanne

    That drives me nuts, too! But because I am gluten intolerant, and on those occasions I want some junk food I can eat (big family party, for instance, I put out Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips along with crackers for cheese and dips) I assume I'll find it in the junk food aisle. Where it belongs. Taking bread or baked goods and replacing the wheat flour with rice flour or coconut flour and xanthem gum doesn't make it healthy. That seems really obvious to me, as someone who can't have gluten (I break out in a terrible rash!) but people are gullible, and fads are good marketing.

    My biggest pet peeve, though, are things like light mayonnaise. I don't like mayo, personally, but if I did I'd want the real stuff. Egg, vinegar, and that's pretty much all you should find in the ingredients. When I look at a food label and see all sorts of things not found in the full fat, or "real," version, that seems really unhealthy! Speaking of gluten, actually, I had a reaction from sour cream at a restaurant that was cut with filler made from wheat. Light versions of certain foods are just chock full of additives and chemicals to keep the consistency of a full fat version, and it can't be good for you.

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    jorn  over 1 year ago by: jorn

    Oh, I'm with you. I'm gluten-free because I have to be; low-carb for health. People who are doing GF because it's "trendy" make me want to punch them in the throat.

    A bag of gluten-free cookies is still a bag of cookies! herp derp ;)

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